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I'm new to this forum here. I used to be avid forum lurker/poster/whatever, but got bored, so many forums are full of the same trivial things, or people don't post at all. What fun is a forum if no one is listening? commenting? posting? It's a way to interact with others, in order to alleviate a boredom and fine a common cause. Ahh I'm just talking baloney. Anyways I'm currently in Boise ID. Lived in Virginia, Illinois, California, and did a brief stint in Mary-Land. I am habitually unemployed, and habitually bored with most work. Career? Never quite found that, suppose why I get along so well with the fight club notion. I still work though, something has to pay for my movies and my video game subscriptions, though I get by coasting, guess sometimes I feel guilty for not pouring my heart out into something. Or maybe I did pour my heart out, and there is nothing else to pour...

I was once on another fight club board, was quite fun until I found other things like evercrack, and world of warcraft. Dreadfully bored of the wow again, so looking for something that was previously entertaining, a forum to discuss and to illuminate. And sad when its affecting "work" but when your bored of even your hobbies, what else is there?