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the great MIXTAPE exchange!!!


so i did this on another message board some time ago...and it turned out to be really fun! whoever wants another cultmember to make them a mixtape/ your name in this thread!

we'll set the cutoff date for...MAY 19, so tell your friends to come and be members so they can get tapes too! the bigger...the better.

after the 19th, i'll randomly (it will be random, promise, so no bribes to be paired up with will tupper...) assign people together and post the pairs in this thread. it will then be your responsibility to contact each other and figure out addresses, ect.

DO NOT POST YOUR ADDRESS ON HERE. i don't wanna get sued.

we did this with about 50 people on the other board, and no one got stalked or if you are a stalker or a killer, please do not participate in the great mixtape'll ruin the fun for all.

got it? post that you are interested, i'll assign people, you'll make tapes, and music will be shared. and maybe you'll even get an old fashioned pen pal out of the deal! whoot!