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Graphic Novels (free from sci-fi and superhero bravado)


I thought we needed a thread to talk about graphic novels, of the non sci-fi/superhero variety. If you want to talk about the latest DC/Marvel comic, do it somewhere else!

So anyway, back to my soapbox - I love graphic novels. They are quite expensive over here, so I usually take a gamble and buy online (Amazon customer reviews don't usually fail me) or put them on my Christmas list...

This year I asked for:

Publishers Weekly said: "Glidden, a progressive American Jew who is sharply critical of Israeli policies vis-à-vis the Occupied Territories, went on an all-expense-paid "birthright" trip to Israel in an attempt to discover some grand truths at the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict. This graphic memoir tells the touching and often funny story of her utter failure to do so."

Publishers Weekly said: "These beautifully rendered watercolor and pencil collages capture confessional moments from bat mitzvah to the author taking her boyfriend home to West Palm Beach, Fla., to visit her mother. While treading in the autobiographical path of many cartoonists before her, Davis's sweet and well-observed sketch-diary entries and more structured pieces for such magazines as the Tablet deal with growing up as a Jewish woman."

Unfortunately, I didn't receive either of these, so I've ordered them from Amazon.

What graphic novels have you read recently, or would recommend?