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government says online poker is a crime

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apparently those of us who play dollar poker at night to unwind need protection from ourselves, but not just from ourselves, from ORGANIZED CRIME! the government doesnt think we can be trusted with our own money, and people living in washington (the state, and not DC) have been getting visits from the good people at the FBI. in washington online gambling is a felony, and because fulltilt poker isnt based in washington they are being looked at for aiding in a felony across state lines, and possibly money laundering, both of these are federal charges and would essentially force the US based company out of the US market.

here's the deal, it is now illegal for US banks to process transactions going to, or coming from gambling sites, such as those with slot machines, and other games where you have no real influence in whether you win or lose. games which require no skill, or any kind of mathematical knowledge. this i agree with to a certain extent, though i believe the american taxpayer should be allowed to decide for himself whether he wants to waste his money there. the law does not specifically name poker as a form of gambling, but it does exclude the american people from joining in the game.

personally i think poker is a game which requires skill, patience, and maybe a little luck but its by far not the slots. i think it should be excluded from this law. what do you guys think?