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The Gossip Thread


This a thread for those that love gossip! Talk about people here.

My oldest friend just recently got ditched by her no-good boyfriend. He has leeched off her for years, he does nothing but stay up all night smoking weed and playing Xbox then sleeping all day. A week after he broke up with her he told her he was seeing someone else and that he was warning her because they were going to be together in the flat.
So she took the cats and moved out. Only the other day he announces he's engaged to this new girl (she is overweight and trashy looking) and then a couple of days later puts a picture of an ultrasound on Facebook and says, "I'm such a happy new daddy - triplets!" and they really are having triplets and it's so bad. He's so stupid and lazy, how are they going to bring up triplets well? It's awful.
Luckily my friend is not as upset as she is angry. I think she dodged a real bullet with him, he was a terrible drain on her and she deserves so much better.
Unfortunately the guy deleted me from his Facebook so I can't follow the disaster anymore, I'm really gutted because my boyfriend and I were engrossed by it.
What a dirty bastard, though!

It feels good to gossip.