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Gossip Gossip Gossip - Celebrity Trashy Mag Talk


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I know a lot of you won't care for this thread, but too bad!
Because I love a good trashy mag every now and then...

So what's going on in the world of trashy mags?

Tom and Katie's divorce, of course. It's so obvious what this big secret is. 1) He's creepy. 2) Tom cruise has locked himself in the closet!

Who the hell is Cheryl Cole? I've never heard of her before Simon Cowell fired her off some show last year or this year. And Kate Middleton dressed up like her for her hens night?

Pippa is banned from talking to anyone because she might say something dumb. Karl Lagarfield said she should only show her back! That guy is soooooooo quotable, he says some outrageous things, and he really is one to talk, look at him! Creepy as fuck. Anyone seen that Metalocalypse episode that obviously takes the piss out of him. Briliant.