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gory photo essay

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Hey everyone,

this semester at university I have taken up a photography class and I have to do my main portfolio assignment soon. Everyone is taking landscape shots of sunsets and it's making me really pissy. So I've decided to do a set of gory murder scenes, all pegged off and numbered, ugly flash photography and all that jazz. Now my main problem is props, does anyone have any ideas about

what I can use for blood? (something with the same consistency/colour but easy to wash off walls)

what makes for a realistic looking murder scene?

any props I can use/buy? (on a budget of course)

what kind of scenes would fit just one serial killers mind?

any ideas are welcome, I'm going for subtlety rather than blatant in your face chainsaw massacre scenes.

I have a studio at my disposal but I was thinking that a mix of outside (shallow grave) and inside (blood splatters, tipped up chairs) shots would be nice. I'm not sure I want a dead body in every shot (or a dead body at all), as it will be nice to have an eerie emptiness to a murder scene. I'm thinking the essay could revolve around one serial killer and I would like to make the crimes fit one person's mind eg. the first murder scene could just be a rushed shallow grave, and they get more careless and messy (or maybe neater) as they progress (depending on the psychology behind the murders). I'm mainly interested in showing the motive/psychology behind the serial killer and have therefore read up on many people (Jeffrey Dahmer for example I found extremely interesting whereas those guys that rape/murder prostitutes I find not so interesting). I only have 10 shots, and I was thinking the last shot could be a close up on something that gave the serial killer away (something less blatant then a fingerprint). I know it's a strange thing to ask, but I thought if anyone could help me, it would be you cult minions.    ; ] So any ideas?