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a gorgeously tasty newbie to the cult.

Okay, so a newbie to all of this, I am.
I’m a 21 ethnically challenged male.
I’m unsure of about 85 percent about my life and lack thereof.
I’m a college student majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film Studies.
Sardonic is my maiden name and I married my intellect and wits at a young age.
(Yes, I’m aware you cannot marry twice, it’s a Mormon type of deal)

For the most part, I never understood why so many would become involved with internet forums and social networking groups.
(Shit, I still don’t understand blogging)
Then I stumbled upon this little site while doing some research on Chuck’s “Rant.”
And I gave a little look at the forums and the ravings and conviction people put into their posts and it made me smile…so I felt necessarily obligated to join.
(In actuality I saw some very interesting discussions on time travel and I was blown away)
I never knew there were other smart people in this weird world.

I first got into Chuck’s writing a little bit after “Haunted” came out. I had been told be teachers that I had a minimalist style of writing and that I should check out Chuck, but I always shrugged them off as not understanding my writing. Well one day at work a co-worker had the novel “Haunted” with him. And he told me that I would really like a particular story form the book, “Guts.” I read it on my break and was stunned. What a great little story that was. I went and bought the book that night and read it for days and days totally enthralling myself in each one of its beautiful stories. After that I was hooked.

Since then I have read “Rant,” “Choke” (both of which are tied for my absolute favorites)
And I am currently reading “Invisible Monsters”
I realize I am a bit behind and really do need to catch up on my reading of all things Chuck. But it’s hard to do going to and working full time while trying to raise a one year old son all at the same time.

So that’s it…
Boring and utter crap I know.
I apologize a head of time.