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Gorgabloody... My Experimental Death Metal Lyrics

Keys to understanding my deep and meaningful lyrics of pain:
(ªªª) denotes desperate wailing, like when you've lost a loved one
(ººº) is more of an "oooooooooh" whisper, like you're an evil spirit trying to scare people in a forest

My soul, this prison (ªªª)
My life, this trap (ººº)
Rahr! Rahr!
Vengeance has come.

In my state of uncontrollable misery
Demons and angel fight for eternity
They don't know the horrors,
They can't know the pain,
They can't feel the sorrow that I've felt.

My soul, these chains (ªªª)
My body, this torture (ººº)
Rahr! Rahr!
Oblivion is upon us.

Fuck your corpse!
(I ain't no hero)
Fuck your corpse!
(I ain't not saint)
Fuck your corpse!
(I'm no believer)
Fuck your corpse!
(That was a bad burger)

My soul, my soul, my bloody bloody heart
My fucking pain means nothing to the unlistening night

Does nobody care?
Nobody cares
No one wants to know

So fuck your corpse!
(I ain't no messiah)
Fuck your fucking corpse!
(I ain't no legend)
Fuck your fucking corpse, motherfucker!
(I ain't no martyr)
(Pepsi sucks)