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Good Things

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One the girls I work with found this little note on a piece of cardstock sitting on the shelf at work the other day.

Hi, I think you are an attractive person.
Please recycle this note by passing it on
to the next attractive person you see. <3

It sat on our counter by the register for a day or two and I think nobody wanted to toss it out really so I decided I would put it in one of the books on our shelf. At first I was just going to tuck it into one of our random popular books but then I thought I would rather put it in the sort of book which I would find a person reading attractive. We have had just a few copies of Origin of the Species on the shelf forever now and nobody ever buys them, they just sit there in the back behind all the more popular funny geek books and stuff.

So I tuck the note into the back of one of the copies that is actually a little beat up from being pushed around the shelf so much. Just a couple of hours later the most stunning woman with wild dark curls and this sort of shy bright eyedness vibe comes up and places on the counter to buy the very copy I had put the note into!

It made me absolutely happy as could be and it was hard for me to refrain from telling her as I checked her out, I did get my nearest coworkers attention and pointed out what she was buying to him and I wonder what must have been on her mind right then as the two of us were staring at her with an obvious secret.

I know how silly it is to think so but it almost felt like I had willed her towards that book.She needed to be told how beautiful she was that day. It made me ridiculously happy at least and I hope it makes her so too when she finds it there.

So this is a topic for Good Things. I was going to just post this as a Hooray, but rather instead I think a topic with good stories of simple things new or from long ago is a nice idea.

What is your Good Thing that made you smile Story?