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Good day.. ladies ; )

My name is Tyler.

I will use this thread to talk about myself.

Alot. I won't always talk thisss much about myself, yet, this is a great oppurtunity to do so.

My user name is Fox.

I am from Mississippi, oh yes, the deep south. It's not all that bad really, once you get used to the monotony of Guy Harvey t-shirts, the dialect, four wheeler riding, and the dramatics of small towns.

No idea where this personality has spawned from.

Heaven maybe? ;)


It helps me stand out though, in a town full of conservative, simpletons.


I am a sophmore at USM, an entertainment industry major minoring in either journalism or English.. I have to make that decision probably this school year. I've become more interested in writing than music lately.

i'm a drummer for a decently popular local band.


Remember that show Captain Planet? What was up with that?


I read a decent bit, I only date girls who've read more than two books in their lives, magazines don't count. The rest.. I still show 'em a good time, they might just be arm candy for that evening though.

Roccos Modern Life was a great show. 

Monday through Wednesday I kick ass.

Thursday through Sunday I take names.


Favorito Authors: Besides the obvious. Baer, Vonnegut, Clevenger, Ellis, Hemmingway.. eh.. some more. I have a pretty ecclectic taste.

I think the moon may be a space ship driven by robotic veloceraptors.. and they're just waiting..planning.

Eh.. I'm done.