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Gmail Trouble?

Hey y'all,

Does anywhere here use Gmail, and if they do, are you having a hard time getting to it at the moment?

This totally [I]just started[/I], a few hours back, and I'm not suer what the cause is. I've certainly not done anything different to my comp, so for once I'm sure it's not my fault.

HOWEVER, I did get an Email (I can see it's there, it's just when I click to open - nothin') from someone kind of important to me at the moment, AND I REALLY WANT TO WRITE HER BACK! But, alas. Right now I can't.

So, yeah. Is anyone else in the same boat I am? Could it be because of the insanely crappy weather here in Michigan? I doubt it, because all the other sites I visit (inc. this one) are just peachy.

Help! :(