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Global Warming

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Many people think global warming is going to destroy our planet, a lot of people don't blah blah blah... Personally I think the earth warms and cools all the time, this kind of thing just happens.But whatever, I don't want to focus on that.

Let's hypotheticaly say that it is occuring at a dangerous level. Why, instead of creating monstrous bureaucracys and worthless boards, don't we fix it with the economic system? That is one thing in this world that actualy works. If the price of electricity was more expensive what would happen? People would use less energy. If the price of gas was 5.00 a gallon what would happen? There wouldn't be as many gas guzzling cars on the roads.

And one more thought. How many scares have we seen that started out with huge media attention and scientific studies and spiraled into nothing? The ozone? What happened to it? Well it's still there and it is actualy repairing itself. The population boom and mass starvation? Right..

I don't know I think this administration ruins anything it touches anyway. Any thoughts?