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Give Me Denial (*Spoilers*)

Well, like i promised you Jane, id finish this before the end of the long weekend.

Like in my previous thread, i knew this was Chucks strongest piece of work about 3 chapters in, and post-ending-- i feel even more strongly about it.

In the 4 main books ( IM, FC, Choke, Survivor ) are what i think essentially the 'How To Guide To Change Your Life' quadrilogy... and Shannon

jump to Daisy St. Patience
jump to Kay MacIsaac

is really the most courageous character he has written.

with the commitment to, well, the decision to ( SPOILER AHEAD ) blow your own jaw off, she essentially made sure this was something she couldnt come back from.

and i mean, plastic surgery was an option, but that was the vice of temptation, the only thing that really could send her back, to maybe being beautiful.... ok, im rambling. what i mean is, i admire the committment and the courage.

the transgenderal twists didnt so much surprise me as Manus' involvement in Shane & Shannons life so early.

i dont know what else to say.
im pretty overwhelmed by this piece.

please, discuss?