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Girls and Boys

Something that I'd like to know more about is the thinking behind Chuck's approach to audience demographics. I notice in a recent news post here that he is featured in Playboy, Maxim and GQ, notably all mens' magazines. I'm wondering, one, about the chicken-or-the-egg nature of how these relationships come to be, and if it is true that CP targets the young male audience in particular.

I wonder if there has been any interest, from either direction, to work with parallel womens' magazines. Bust or Jane, for example, seem like they'd be ripe for an author interview or excerpt. Frequently, I hear and read threads about a new story or interview, and I wonder for a moment why I never see them myself. It's because they're all in specifically male-targeted publications where I'll never see them.

As a young female reader and frequent Cult poster (one of many female Cultists here), I can't help but feel a bit like Chuck isn't reaching out to my demographic with quite the same exuberance. (If it's a matter of who's extended the invitation to him, rather than who he's approached, that's why I've raised the topic as a question. I simply don't know how it works.)