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Getting Your Dog Fixed

My dog has recently turned a year old and now I'm planning on when to get her spayed because she's almost full grown. Her regular vet and her breeder says to wait after her first season or when she's around 18 months old. A few months ago, I took her to another vet for her last set of puppy shots and he said it would be best to get her fixed before she's full grown because it would be cheaper since the cost of surgery factors in the animal's weight and it would lower her risk in developing pyometrea. However, getting her fixed after her first season, but no later, would still lower her risk as well.

I've done a lot of research for this. I've looked online and some sites say it's best to wait and others say to do it before her first season. I'm kind of leaning towards waiting till she's fully developed but the majority of the information that's out there says to have the surgery done before she's fully grown.

They both appear to have pros and cons.

So basically, I want to know at what age did you get your dogs fixed? Did you see a physiological or temperamental difference afterwards? Did you choose not to get your dog fixed and is your dog doing fine?

I'm mostly interested in owners of large to giant breed dogs but any feedback is helpful.