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Germans eat wurst and stuff

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Hello friends and fans
Dear members
Yo bros

I'm a 21 years old media student from Germany, if you find some grammar mistakes anywhere, feel free to keep them.
As most people, I got introduced to Chuck's books by Fight Club, watching the movie, watching the movie again, then Wikipedia told me, there was a book, so I read it and loved it even more than the movie.
Lullaby, Rant, Haunted and a few others followed, the only books missing are the Non-Fiction, Pygmy, Tell-All and Damned. I'm not really up to date.

I have to venture the unusual opinion, that Rant is Chuck's best work. After reading it three times now, twice in german and once in english, that shit is still blowing the contacts out of my eyes. Not literally. Although that would be cool.
I write short stories, listen to Nine Inch Nails, sometimes dream of stealing books from a warehouse and like a lot of things.

I'm currently updating my profile, while listening to the two iranian guys from the house across the street fighting.

Please ask me some weird questions now, to make it feel like home.

P.S. I'm wondering, what time it is in America. Probably middle of the night. Sleep well, folks.