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Geek Love

I figured this would be the place to post this.

I just finished Dunn's Geek Love and was wondering if anyone has noticed the overwhelming similarity between it and Chuck's first penned novel, (though not first published)Invisible Monsters.

I'm talking about theme, form (to a lesser extent) and the basic ideas symbolized.

The whole thing seems like a precurser to his idea, and I was wondering too, for any writers out there, if anyone else has experienced this. The first big production of a writer being just a rehash and regurgitation of everything that inspired you to write.

A) Yes, I loved Invisible Monsters.
B) No, I am not accusing Chuck of plaigarism
C) I realize everyone everywhere at all times is eating someone else's work and then regurgitating it in their own. I think it was Vonnegut who said we're a culture of theives when it comes to literature.

Invisible Monsters, to me, reads like the love child of Amy Hempel and Katharine Dunn wired with Vonnegutian humor and softness. And much like Geek Love, you read the book sympathetically even though it is without a single likable or redeemable character.