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Gather round!

Years from now, historians will look back on this day and view it as a proper somber and momentous occasion.

I have returned! After O so much pondering of the depths of my mind, I have found the love within. As the song goes, "I was lost but now am found." Yes O Lord, I have found you indeed.

I am a changed man, no longer am I the loudmouthed, Godless, rude, immature, Godless ignoramus you once knew. Today, I am a man of God. I have devoted myself to Him, to spreading his love to all people in the world, whether they like it or not.

So hear me, friends! If I could do it, so can you. It is simple, you must just look inside yourself. Find the love within you, and you will know. You will know that you must give yourself to God, for he is our Lord. Find the love within you, as I have, and help everyone around to do the same. It is the only right path.

God bless all of you,
kl0pper [IMG][/IMG]