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Game of Thrones - Spoilers

Irina mentioned having a separate thread for this show, so here it is

SPOILERS DISCLAIMER: Having seen the show doesn't mean you will be safe from spoilers as we will likely be talking about things that happen in the book, but have not yet happened in the show.

I agree with Irina that Sansa has the perfect bitchy look, her bad dye job just drives me crazy.

I think they probably chose to make Dany older on purpose. She is one of my favorite characters as well, but I kind of understand why they made her older. A lot of things in the story are pretty taboo, the incest, the raunchy sex, adding a thirteen year old sold to a tribal leader by her brother would just be another thing for critics to harp on. Not to mention that Dany spends a lot of time naked and having sex, so the actress has to be at least eighteen. I do wish they had chosen someone who was actually of a fair complexion. She is obviously darker and the white hair just looks ridiculous on her. I know those too are supposed to be really blonde, but I think they overdid it just a tad.

I was also a little disappointed with way they made the dragon eggs look. They didn't look all that beautiful to me.

I'm glad that they got such a great actor to play Ned, it's just a shame he won't be around very long. Of course that may be part of the reason he committed to the role, knowing it wouldn't tie him down for ages.

As far as anyone criticizing the show for not sticking to the book, they can shut it. If the story went any closer with the book it would take forever just to get through the first one. I assume they plan to continue the series past the first book, but I don't know anything for sure.

I'll stop rambling for now, what does everyone else think?