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Hey fellow sick minded individuals how are you all doing in your twisted lives? Great to see mankind isn't completely full of dull unexciting slaves of the norm . Well a little bit about myself would be that my real name is Angel (insert last name) so that should answer one question already maybe even two and as for the free cat just google it like everything else and maybe diddle it to if your into that sort of thing.

Well my first author that really got me into reading was R.L. Stine and his goosebumps series. I read nothing else in elementary but goosebumps so I guess that's what got me here really ,assuming that if I were to read little house on the prairie instead I might be in another forum but luckily that didn't happen. I will be honest and say I'm also a fight club fanatic and I did see the movie first before I read the book but that only showed me the rest of chucks work and have read Choke and Rant since but of course plan to read more .I live in Miami FL and I might have a third nipple so if you guys have any questions I'll be glad to answer them (except about the third nipple)