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Fla Flar Floors Fred.


I got to watch the original trilogy a while back, without all the new digital dickety-doo.

I was crying like a baby through the whole thing, especially bad during that whole Cloud City Carbon Freezing thing.

You know, I like to think that a movie can't ruin a book. No matter how bad the movie is; I mean, maybe it'll drive some people away from reading the book afterwards, but for people that have already read it, the book still holds the same magic.

I think the prequels might do the same thing. Anyone that see them and then tries to also watch the originals, especially with the awful additional effects, probably gets a sour taste in the mouth about them.

But anyone that grew up with them will always have that special spot deep down in their heart. Even if by now it's some Grinch-heart, all encrusted in sarcasm and apathy. Those movies will always warm the magical center. And that's the only way I can think to describe it is as "magical." For something that's basically a kid's fantasy movie to strike such a cord in people that still rings almost 40 years later.

Plus, I'm completely fascinated at the idea of comparing George Lucas and Darth Vader, as they both descend into evil and become what they most despised.

Anyways, this is a Star Wars thread. It can be about these new ones coming, the prequels or The Trilogy.
And before anyone says how they never have seen Star Wars, go now and watch it! Even if it's just to see what all the hoopla is about.