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first victim

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I'll start his or her actions by saying that I admit that I was 8 years old gamer, and all suits me, until I realized that everything that happens around me do not worry. The first time I came into computer club, I just came to look like my neighbor spends time, he was younger than me from a happy family and had a computer, when games were still on the disks .. And only in demand from office workers. At that time there was no championships and other competitions on cyber sport. I oppose what is happening against cyber sport in general. It used to be that programming in time, this competition, and this cyber sport, but with the advent of a new generation of computers, entertainment simplified. And now the games are not the intellectual work, but simply a commodity for which pay good money. To the detriment of society, the first victim is the fact that from the games reduced interest in the work, especially physical, and addictive as drugs, in consequence of which develops into a disease. The desire to get a continuation story, where you're the hero, killing terrorists, which would be another planet or a super racer to raskoshennom cars are breaking every rule of motion that would be a first for the story .. All this manipulation of our psyche shaking her and bringing arrived producers of games, we are digging their own graves. Thus, burning through time with its neighbor, I realized that I like and it's interesting. And so I became the first victim of his story, a story about how fast life.
Arriving the next day at one club, I was interested in a variety of games, from racing games to shooters. I walked from one computer from another, what would it look like what is being done, a variety of games all the more protracted the me in this abyss. I stayed until closing .. Then got on the neck in tyk .. I have not eaten, because he could not, my day starts there is where it ends in a club, not for sports, too slow .. And just spoil your view in front of the monitor. The first time I exchanged sweets on the game, everything that could buy sweets, I went to the club and played for me, played on the very fact that others are the same gamers who are willing to forget your head, what would get another dose of fun . And so day after day, I was drawn in the computer club, I began to mooch from the fact that the real world I'm not so inspired, in a club that I could become a good shooter, or the most powerful .. In the near future, the money that they gave me for food, other expenses, not enough, so went to the game I was stealing money from the grandmother of a jacket, playing when he got home .. I learned that the money was not her, but overall, from the accounting. Thus, "I killed two birds with one stone" humiliated and insulted myself and others close to me. In the end, I was very behind in development, had no friends other than those that were in the clubs.