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First time publication and two great horror websites.

So, I've been coming to the writers workshop here off and on for the last four years or so and am proud to say that I've finally managed to have a short story of mine accepted (two stories in fact).

At they've published my short short entitled "Skin" listed under W.P.Johnson.

At they've published the full length version of "Skin", entitled "Her Lovely Skin" for their October oddities issue (author name here William Johnson, though I told them to use W.P Johnson to avoid confusion).

I'm very proud of this, as its my first publication EVER, and I can honestly say that if it wasn't for having joined the workshop here I never would have gotten as far with my writing as I've gotten. So, for anyone doubting the workshop process, I'm proof that after banging my head against a wall for the last decade, I've finally gotten SOMETHING picked up. I'm confident that it's only the beginning.

Oh, also, support the aforementioned websites. They're free, and very cool people. Also they're great places to submit your work if you write horror.