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First-time caller

Yeah, so I've been wasting time at The Cult for almost a year now. Why I'm now just registering, who knows. Here are a few things I have to say about zee Cult/Chuck/myself.

1. Why are there over 11,000 members and I only ever see the same twenty people posting?
2. Whatever happened to willtupper, or will chris baer for that matter? I know baer's busy and all, but c'mon. Posts: 1
3. Whenever I read "Lofivinyl", I subvocalize it as "Love of Vinyl" for some reason.
4. Chuck has readers throughout the US, in the UK, AUS, Europe, even South America. Why couldn't I find one damn Chucky P. fan in high school?
5. Six is short. I like 'em short. :D
6. I'm not hip or trendy, so don't expect much from me.
7. Chuck being gay doesn't matter, but it does. The way the more you know about someone's background gives you more insight into what they're saying and why.
8. Brock Landers is my hero.
9. And last but not least. The Emperor Thread will go down as the best peice of bathroom literature of all time. Even better than the Bible or the Sunday NY Times.

That's all. Nice to finally be a member. For seriously.