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Finished Pygmy (MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!!!!!)

Okay, so I finished Pygmy. Overall, I liked it. Definitely his most heart warming ending. But like Chuck always said, all his books are about romance and the boy getting the girl.

As for the syntax....I enjoyed it. It was fun. Probably about Dispatch 26, I was starting to tire of it. But other than that, i thought it was funny. Really made stuff funnier in some cases. Like the part at the funeral where Pygmy starts thinking how much easier it would be to kill everyone there, screw a few dead women, and then take off!!!

Not a whole lot for strange twists. I didn't see that Doris would be a super agent. I had started to figure he wouldn't kill everyone....wasn't sure where Chuck would go with it if he didn't stop. Considering the classic's that Chuck has produced, it wasn't his best. But it wasn't his worst.

If he gets a chance to read this...."Thanks Chuck. Keep up the good work. I love reading what you put out, and I have started telling as many people as i can about your brilliance! Don't listen to anyone's bitching about not writing exactly like Survivor. You write what you want, we'll enjoy it or we won't. And don't worry about people complaining about the writing in Pygmy. I didn't think it was hard to understand, and I think it was a great idea. Love ya, Reggie"