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Finish to the story?

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Am I the only one out there that really identified with little Maddy? I need the third book! I need an ending. I might be in the minority here but I completely adored both Damned and Doomed. Every single struggle that Maddy goes through, whether in her past life or current afterlife, is gut wrenching and and painful to watch. I could not help but be completely taken with the extremely intelligent and quick witted chubby child that is Madson Desert Flower Rosa Parks Coyote Trickster Spencer. She has a strength that I both admire and am envious of. What a brain.

Not to mention that we get to witness yet again the amazingness that is Mr. Palahniuk being able to give a voice to any character regardless of race, age, or gender. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited for his next two projects. But that little girl deserves some closure. The little girl in me wants closure. Please Chuck, please.