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Film - Book

[B]Page 107[/B]
///// The morning after we found her second lump [...] /////
[I]In the film he finds no lump lump and in the book he says (page 106) ///// I want to tell Marla there's nothing for me to find. If she found anything this morning, it was a mistake. A birthmark. ///// [/I]
So does she have lumps or not?

[B]Page 106[/B]
///// Marla has the scar from Tylers kiss on the back of her hand /////
[I]In the film she has no scar and is surprised about Jacks.[/I]

And Marla gets her meals from meals on wheels but her mom has the money for sucking up her fat and Marla collects the fat to use the collagen. Dunno if it's in the USA very different but both things aren't cheap here. And it seems as if Marla has not much money.

Think there was one more thing, but can't remember it actually (so it wasnt important i think xD ).