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Fight Club Themed Dance Performance

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What's up guys, I'm kinda new here, and I just stumbled across this fansite a couple of days ago. Anyways, I dance on a team called Common Ground, and we recently showcased our Fight Club themed competition set at the annual Vibe Dance Competition hosted by Lambda Theta Delta.

The set doesn't follow the Fight Club storyline line by line, (we took some liberties with it), but we tried to keep some of the themes and ideas that were most important to us. We worked really hard on this set in our execution and performance, but also in conveying the meaning of the Fight Club story which was also very important to us as well.

I'm not an official spokesperson for our team, so I'm not really speaking on their behalf. So if you have any negative comments about our set, please don't bash on the team but direct them to me instead. (I don't assume any of you to be overtly negative people, but my experience with Youtube has taught me that people can be rude and disrespectful.) I'm not asking for any props or anything like that, but I just love the Fight Club novel so much, (and knowing there to be readers on this site who love the story just as much as me), I wanted to share this intertextual type of adaptation with you guys. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your time.