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Fight club at theater, effects of leaving

I ve been a fan of chuck since at 15 I walked out of the theaters after seeing Fight Club the weekend of its release. I've wanted to ask this question forever, but as I've seen the film a million times since and didn't have the same effect I left it alone.
Question. When I saw fight club for the first time it was a relatively vacant dark theater but inside a loud mall. After the film, me and my girlfriend walked into the bright loud mall and felt almost like we were given a heavy sedative like Xanax or klonazapam. She agreed that she felt like she was underwater too. And we felt that way for a good 45 min.
Maybe it was the monotone voice of the narrator, the cold lens of the film etc. that gave it this hypnotic quality, but I've never felt it before or agaIn...
Anyone else??....