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Fight Club Soap

Recently, I was stricken with a crazy desire to get a hold of a bar of Fight Club Soap.

I didn't want the lame bars of regular soap people are selling with the Paper Street Co. cards tied to the front, I wanted the big pink bar with the name sticking out in nice big letters.

This thread is for anyone else looking for some bars, I've posted the links to places I've found that sell them.

[URL=]http:/... -A sketchy site selling full sized bars for quite a chunk of money.

[URL=] -A low-key site, but with great service, and the best deal I've found yet. You get two bars for 19 bucks, though you HAVE to buy two at a time. The manager of the site is very pleasant to deal with, and responds to emails frequently.

- A t-shirt store in California that sells misc. stuff like the Fight Club Soap. Decent pricing.

-A movie replica site in the U.K.. They aren't selling useable soap, but replicas of the soap cast in resin. They have two sizes for sale, the regular size, and a large size.

I hope this has helped anyone else looking for the stuff, it almost became an obsession for me.