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Fight Club snowflake tattoo

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Okay, so. Sorry for the tacky title.

Hi everybody.
As you can tell, I'm pretty new here, though a long-time Palahniuk fan. I come to you with a rather strange problem:

I'm a big fan of tattoos. Got my first one when I was 16, and was meant to become a tattoo artist myself (didn't really happen, since where I live army service is mandatory, so I currently work in a liaison office for the Air Force), so I pretty much know my way around the business. I've also researched many cultural tattoos and their meanings (i.e. Russian mafia tats etc).

Four years after my first tattoo, it turns out I'm sucker for tattooing idol-related icons on my body. It wasn't intentional, but I ended up having tattoo reference to singers/authors/artists Nick Cave, T. S. Eliot and Geoffrey Chaucer.

My next goal is a Palahniuk tattoo. I'm considering getting the cover of Survivor tattooed on my ankle in the far future, but other than that I'd like to have a small Fight Club gesture tattooed sometime this month. My original idea was of a plain snowflake, just for the sake of 'You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake', but I feel like it's... well, too plain. I wouldn't mind having something written added to it, but first off - I can't think of anything, and second - I already have lines from two different poems and a name tattooed, I don't know if more text is really what I need.

So what I'm saying is, I would very much appreciate it if you guys had any ideas or suggestions as to what I might do.

Much thanks,