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Fight Club Sequel?

Is there a possibilty that Fight Club will have a sequel? Tell me your thoughts and why there could be one. And why there couldn't be one. And how would it differ from the Fight Club published in 1996.
My Opinion: *Sort-of spoiler* Fight Club was written out of spite when Invisible Monsters wasn't published due to its content. If there was a sequel he would be writing it just for the hell of writing another sequel. And he probaly wouldn't be writing it with the same mind set of being super pissed and angry. Although Fight Club was left open at the end. "We look forward to seeing you again, Mr. Durden." Or something like that. I don't have the book in my hands. *I also published this as a comment on Chuck Palahniuk's facebook fanpage. I really hope there isn't a sequal mainly due to the fact that a sequel should live upto it's predecessor and Fight Club is just to damn good!