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Fight Club; over quoted or am I bonkers?

Fight Club was the first Palahniuk novel I ever read.  It was the trigger for my love of everything and anything written by Palahniuk.  The prose in this novel are absolutely stellar and the internal conflict within the book, although confusing at times, was very organized and compelling. 

However, I have found one thing about this novel that irks me; it is over-quoted.  Many people do not even understand the Fight Club references made on sites such as  They first two rules repeating each other stating "the first rule about ___________ is that you don't talk about ___________.  The second rule about _____________ is you don't talk about ______________." are so overused that not many are able to enjoy the real humor behind the statement in accordance to the reference it is making.  I seem to hear people quote Fight Club everywhere, but I am never able to find anyone who knows where the quotes came from. 

I realize many people have seen the movie-version of Fight Club, but I do not see why these quotes have spread so rapidly through main stream culture from an originally underground novel.

Don't get me wrong, I still ADORE Fight Club, but it just seems to be blown out of preportion a tad in the scheme of things.  Am I bonkers, or does anyone else find this agitating?  Also, can anyone explain this Fight Club phenomenon?