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Fight Club Office Scene (Stop Motion Animation)

ShaunRogers93's picture ShaunRogers93
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Hey guys, my names Shaun and I am new to this forum :D. For a college project I was asked to create a stop motion animation based on a movie of my choice, so I decided to use a scene from my absolute favourite movie/book Fight Club. I decided to film the scene in which the Narrator (Edward Norton) confronts his manager and attempts to blackmail him, Unfortunately I only had 6 days to create this from scratch and only 3 days were used in creating the animation, characters and set, because of this the animation is very jumpy and rushed. A lot of the frames I used had to be recreated on Photoshop and reused so there may be parts that are looped. This is my first time doing stop motion and I hope you guys enjoy the video. ^_^

Any feedback good or bad would be appreciated.