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Fight Club Graphic Novel?

Well, I've stopped reading Comic books and Graphic Novels back in 2007 when I got "Acidic," my stomach acids rose high and burning me up. This happened cause the money I got for lunch, well, I don't spend it on lunch. I save the money then spend it on Comic Books, then when this happened I stopped. Then two years later, after I've seen The Lovely Bones, I got intrigued to read the Novel since they said that it's very different then it was--I've seen Fight Club at this time, I first seen it when I was ten, I think. Anyway, when I remembered that Fight Club was adapted from Palahnuik's Novel. I went to a bookstore and went to Palahnuik's section, so, I saw Invisible Monsters, Choke, Diary, and Pygmy--this was three months ago--and then Fight Club, bought right away. Then started reading it.
Anyway, I got the idea for this when I saw Kick-Ass then found out that it was a Graphic Novel, so I went to the nearest Comic Book store to look for it, this was after I've seen the flick with my Pops. No dice. But, I saw a couple of Graphic Novels from Stephen king, "The Dark Tower." Even though Fight Club is already a montage, I still would love to read it, again, and again in a comic form?
What do you say?
Or is this just a silly idea of a...newbie? =)