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A few unanswered questions

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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting. I just fininshed [I]Rant[/I] & loved it. It all pretty much made sense to me, but there are things that I felt were unanswered, or maybe I just missed the answers.

1.) What happened to Simms after he drove of and crashed the flaming mattress car? Did he go back in time again, and, if so, why?

2.) What happend to Chet? Late in the book, we learn that he moves in with Echo & gets his old job back at the exterminator, but, at the end of the book under the contributors section, he is listed as disappeared in connection with a single-vehicle accident involving Simms. Did Chet once again travel back in time, and if so, what relation does it have to Simms disappearance?

3.) What happened to Echo? Chet moved in with her as if they were going to live together happily ever after, but he vanishes and she is not mentioned at all in the contributors section.

4.) Lastly, was there any major significance to the train accident story and it's lone survivor?