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A few questions about this book. *spoilers*

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Hi there,

I've just finished reading Survivor. It's my first Chuck Palahniuk novel.
Anyway, I've got a few questions that I need answers to.

1) If Adam was real and not made up by Tender then, why did Adam kill The Caseworker, The Agent and all the surviving Creedish?
I can partly understand why he ended the Creedish's lives. To put an end to the "Creedish Legacy", right? And if he really wanted to kill all the Creedish, why didn't he kill Tender too?
But what was the point of killing the Casewoker and stealing all her files and killing the Agent? All that did was make Tender look like a killer. What were Adam's motives?

2) If Adam was made up by Tender to blame Adam for his own serial killings, then what were Tender's motives to be a serial killer? Although this question isn't really important to me. It feels far-fetched but I want to look at it form all perspectives.

3) What was the point of the two brothers going to PornFill? I thought they were planning to escape the police and all.

4) Why did Fertility purposely let the truck leave with Adam and Tender, but without her? (The Chap Stick scene). What was the point of that?

5) Fertility says that they all die, in the long term, a very bad death. Yet, even if you look at it with the alternative ending, Fertility will survive.

6) Is Fertiliy pregnant with Tender's child or is it the child of the person Tender worked for? I assume it's Tender's but I guess it's open for interpretation.

7) With the "alternative ending", what was the point of Tender recording onto the tape recorder? Why didn't he just stop at the black box and jump with his parachute with Fertility? The tape recorder was gonna get destroyed anyway.

Forgive me for the fact that there are a lot of questions there. But this is the first time I've read a Palahniuk novel and I'm quite frustrated but all of these unresolved things.
I was also expecting some sort of major twist. I've read that Palahnuik has big twists in his novels. I wouldn't consider the end to Survivor to be that great of a twist.
No matter, this won't deter me from reading more of his novels.

Thanks in advance.