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Fertility = Actress?

One the Survivor page there is a photo of an overly-soft light drenched Material girl, with a belch about her interest in playing Fertility if Survivor ever pans out.

Madonna is a talented singer and entertainer, but she has been rode hard and put away ocean. Not to mention even after all her screen experience, her cameo in the Bond movie was the most painful five minutes of film this side of Battelfield Earth.

Okay, now let's talk about credible actresses instead of a rotting meglomanic that has proven she sucks in any crossover attempted. And don't give me any jib about her book. Anyone can sell a book of naked photos called sex.

Nearly everyone attaches some sort of face they know to characters in a book. My first attached face for Fertility: Natasha Gregson Wagner. Then I pondered Famke Jansen and finally Laura Flynn Boyle.

I would be interested to know whom other cult members saw as Fertility.