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Female Comedians?

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So.... I'm taking a senior-level English class about Comedy.

I'm trying to do a research paper on what I'll call the latest comedic revolution, in that the new comedic male is not the stereotypical handsome, strapping man, but is instead someone who would be considered the lovable fool (ie Seth Rogan). It's also going to cover women's role in the new comedy, as there are more women in mainstream comedy than ever before (Fey, Poehler), but despite the fact that women play a more active role, plus-sized women are still strapped to the old female comedic stereotype. This is the main point of the paper.

For example, Mad TV has a plus-sized comedienne, but I never see her with a leading, funny role in any of the sketches. She always gets the matronly, boring parts. Even the characters who are unattractive (albeit funny) are played by her thinner, more attractive counterparts. The comparison I'm trying to make is basically going to be the drag movement in contrast to beautiful, thin women still getting the funny roles.

Anyway, I'm looking for any female comedians that don't/didn't follow the stereotype of comediennes of her particular era. I've got Carol Burnett as a good example so far, but I didn't know if anyone else really followed or had any ideas about... you know, funny chicks.

Proceed to give me info. :] Thanks.