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Female Authors


Rents wants me to make a thread about female authors. I'm not sure why. I suspect ulterior motives. Regardless, I think that we live in a pretty male author dominated society, and we're posting in a pretty male author dominated forum. So here are some of my favorites:

[b]Isabel Allende[/b] is my absolute favorite. I can't shut up about this woman. I love everything about her. She was born in Chile shortly before the country suffered a military coup and fled to Venezuela. She lives in California now and writes mainly in Spanish. My favorites by her are [i]Eva Luna[/i], [i]Stories of Eva Luna, Daughter of Fortune,[/i] and [i]Portrait in Sepia.[/i]

[b]Rebecca Wells[/b]. Southern author. Best known for her book [i]Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.[/i] The movie is a piece of shit; the book is an incredibly layered and realistic portrait of the friendship of four women and their children.

[b]Flannery O'Connor[/b]. Another Southern writer. She was a very devout Catholic who died of lupus fairly early in life. She wrote mostly short stories and one novel about simple southern life with deep intertextual messages about Christianity and morality. You might've read "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" in school.

[b]Amy Tan[/b]. She's a Chinese American woman, most famous for [i]The Joy Luck Club[/i]. Again, wrote very movingly about the relationships between mothers, daughters, and culture. My favorite by her is [i]The Hundred Secret Senses[/i].

[b]Margaret Atwood[/b]. Canadian woman; best known work is [i]The Handmaid's Tale[/i]. I haven't read it, but my favorite short story by her is "Hairball", a story about a woman who builds up an impressive professional life just to watch it crash all around her.