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feeling lost

After a good, long run, we have decided to close our forums in an effort to refocus attention to other sections of the site. Fortunately for you all, we're living in a time where discussion of a favorite topic now has a lot of homes. So we encourage you all to bring your ravenous love for discussion to Chuck's official Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. And, as always, you can still post comments on all News updates. Thank you for your loyalty and passion over the years. These changes will happen June 1.

i have nothing that i enjoy, no passion, no desire
weed is fun to numb the bordom
i dont even have a point, i just felt like writng, and as i am burning out right now,,, my brain is more cramped and not working then i'd have hoped.
s'all cus of a girl too...
tyler asked if all we needed was just another woman
i had quit weed till a little over a week ago
damn.. weed is like artificial happy

i need a new chuck book

shovel dirt over
lime, as old memories fade
new ones are dug up