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1) I got a girlfriend, "Cat", who actually makes me happy.
2) Being happy makes me unable to write.
3) Being unable to write frustrates me, stifles me, and makes me dissatisfied.
4) Being happy also makes me miserable and depressive.

Also, the reasons I figured that I liked here were:
- good sex (which I can get from any ol' slut)
- good conversation (which I can get from any half-way intelligent bastard)
- good books (which I get on my own)
- good debates (which I get from my other personalities, and friends)
- good thinking (i.e., higher level stuff, that I get from friends as well)

It doesn't help that she's in the middle of her period right now, and braindead from exams. :/

I mean, sure, she makes me laugh but since I'm in such a shitty mood from all that, it's just like, "whatever" and "meh" all the time. I don't laugh much, in real life, anyways.


(Incidentally, my third longest relationship ever.)

Consentrate on the good things? Sure.
- smart
- cool
- good looking
- good in bed
- puts up with my stupid-ass

Still, I can't quite forget the smell of her bloody menstrual fluids all over my jeans. And my shirt. I had to throw both out, and my boxers, and my jacket. I just got new clothes from a friend, and the little chunky bits were stuck in my pubes and I couldn't get 'em out for most of a day, and god... but I smelled.

But seriously, though.

What am I supposed to do with this girl, and why?