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knoxville, if you're reading this, I TAKE IT ALL BACK
you CAN successfully combine smoking-the-Chronic with sending me the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas dvd, and for that you are a god amongst canadians

this brought a tear to my eye
jane sent me the book for my birthday last year hi jane, and I've read that like a dozen times, and it's so cool to watch a movie and already know all the lines before they're spoken
and i'm not sure which christina ricci is hotter-
the necrophiliac teen in casper
the baby-dyke with a broken arm in monster
or the acid-addled religion-fanatic girl in f&l
this movie is amazing
i feel like my eyes have been opened..

[1:30am]-->it's 1:30am, and i'm INSPIRED (/roasted), i head out
[2:00am]-->smoking cigars at the local skatepark, i hear strange metal bending noises
[2:22am]-->scooter trip to 7-11, for ground espresso. do burnout in carpark on exit
[2:30am]-->came home, the penrith valley has NO vein at all @$%!
[2:45am]-->posting at the Cult

and mad respeck to knox for the a3 steadman pic, it'll be immortalised on my Bedroom Wall
[B]mega-f&l screenshot avitars[/B] coming soon, for tpc clubbers + HS Thompson fans, you all know who you are