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Favourite nonfiction books

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References in subjects you like, or simply books that you'd like to recommend.

A few of mine :
Politics :
Han Fei Tse : A 2300 year old political treaty, which served as a blueprint to the unification of China. Serious reflexion on the nature of power and law, quite comparable to Machiavelli. Lots of anecdotes, very pleasant to read.

Social sciences :
Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell) : Entertaining and provoking, the search for a recipe of success in all kinds of domains. Sometimes debatable, always positive.

Literaure :
Reading early Hammett (Leroy Lad Panek) : The book I wished I'd written on Dashiell Hammett, one of the founders of modern crime fiction.

Cinema :
Chaplin cinéaste (Francis Bordat) : A very thorough analysis of Chaplin's art as a filmmaker. Probably indispensable for any student of early cinema.

Martial Arts :
Old School (Ellis Amdur) : A master of traditional Japanese martial art schools gives an intimate picture of their history, their methods and philosophy.

Management :
Swim with sharks without being eaten alive (Harvey Mackay) : This one gives very clever practical advice, accessible to anyone.

Career :
What next ? (Dr Barbara Moses) : A good tool for self evaluation and setting goal in one's career evolution. I used it with very good profit.

Sport :
Moneyball (Michael Lewis) : How the Oakland Athletics front office outsmarted the richer teams, all told in an extremely entertaining way.