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Favourite Chuck fact

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As I'm sure we all know, Chuck has a certain propensity for casually slipping in random facts and information about everyday life into his novels that seem to suggest that absolutely everything has a creepy, evil secret behind it. The little bits of trivia, I call "Chuck facts".

Like Fight Club's, "Did you know collagen is made from cow fat? And locals routinely urinate on the Blarney Stone?" or Invisible Monsters', "By the way, dermabrasion spills out blood like a tomato to a belt sander", or Choke's "FYI, pool filters generate enough pressure to suck out a person's intensines from their rectum". Granted, some of these fast-facts may not be true all the time (the concept of painting probably wasn't invented because some woman drew a silhouette of her boyfriend, and apparently those dots in the corner of film reels aren't called "cigarette butts"), and some of them are pretty clearly fabrications (I somehow doubt that "I need this like teeth in my asshole" is actually a saying in Russia). But nevertheless, these dementedly cynical tidbits are one of the reasons we all love Chuck, be they as dramatic as "Car companies only recall dangerous vehicles if it's cheaper than paying off the victims!" or it can be as simple as "Redheads aren't in pornos because their hair is hard to light". Because only Chuck Palahniuk would have characters randomly say things like, "There's a certain kind of lip balm that gives you cancer", or "Most ballpoint pens are made from the hair of Chinese factory workers"...okay, well, those ones I just made up, but you get the idea.

So...what's your favourite Chuck fact, real or fictional? Are there any Chuck facts you know of that aren't actually in his books, but feel like they should be? For the latter, mine is the fact that the concept of push-bar doors was invented because a jammed door handle in a theatre in Victorian England caused several hundred pre-teen children, some as young as three years old, to be trampled to death. It's called the Victoria Hall disaster; look it up, it sounds very much to me like something Chuck would mention in a book, to me at least.