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fav ALKIE recipes (wine/liqueur/beer/etc)


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hey..okay this is my 2nd time trying to post this..stupid explorer crashed when i pressed "send" the first time..i'll try to be as witty as the first time

i am a late bloomer. i never got into the whole alkie thing until this feb at one of the many cast parties. see, i am always the babysister of the group: i drive and i have to make sure that none of my friends do stupid things that they'll regret later on

i hated beer (that is until i found rickard's red, not a light beer) becuase all my asian friends have a thing for light beer

now my friend introduced me to yummy sambuca or as frammy calls it sammy buca. black samuba+cran or sambuca shots are totally warms you up.

i taked up on frammy advice and bought all natural vanilla ice cream (will the vanilla beans) and pour rasberry wine liqueur over i described to wes/axel... "see it's the perfect balance of the bitterness of the alcohol, the tartness of the rasberry and the sweetness of the ice cream"... i like the fact that the ice cream no longer tastes super sweet (i hate that)

so what are you fav ways to enjoy alkie?
i love peach schnapps...when mixed with cere's fruit juice (ie medley of the valley or osmething liek that)'s heavenly

i am horribly allegric to vodka, so i cant have my cosmo..sigh
i get "hive" like symptoms where i get red for a week and sort of itchy all over... i am slowly building up my tolerance...but i sort of gave that up beacuse there are so many options out there

i usually order whiskey sour as my first drink..and by the 3rd, i am giddy as hell... it's funny, as you probably have read in my other posts, i get horribly red after any drink. and the funny thing is that it is dependent on the drinnk i have. one time, after i had a whiskey sour had the university pub, i had these "adorable" (as what my frineds calls it) fushia circles right at on the apples of my cheek. and by the 3rd drink (this is when i usually make my way to the washroom) i am beet red..

i heard that it's because asians lack the certain enzyme to digest alkie..quite sad..but slowly i am building up my tolerance

just finish my rasberry wine liqueur ice's so good