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I've had an idea for a fiction novel/story marinating in my brain for quite some time now. I wanted the protagonist to lose his best friend to a drug overdose and then his family in an accident. Then, while trying to commit suicide, he accidentally travels back in time and returns to a point in time before his family is taken from him with a chance to save them. But I could not figure out how to make this somewhat believable because I was unfamiliar with the subject of time travel and wanted a lesson to come from it obviously.

Laziness and lack of inspiration led me to my local library to read a few books on the origins of the universe and the physics and possibilities of time travel. Also, I decided to take out 'Rant' because I had always wanted to check out a Chuck Palahniuk book. Never read his work before. I had no idea what the book was about, it was just the only CP book they had in stock.

A book and a half into the mind numbing texts on time travel and I found myself starting to read 'Rant'. It was probably the fastest I've ever read a book. I couldn't put it down, especially when I began to uncover its plot. My mind has been blown to bits thanks to CP and I look forward to reading more of his work and hopefully getting my story started. Weird how things happen sometimes.