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Fan Mail Stuff

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So, I've just really gotten into Chuck's work.  I absolutely love it, I just finished 'Choke' and 'Invisible Monsters' in the last month.  I also have ordered 'Rant' to be shipped to me.  Here's the thing though, I want to send him some fan mail.  Maybe just say 'Hey, I love your stuff' and tell him about how his work has influenced me and changed my outlook on reading in general... Just I guess stuff I think he'd like to hear.  But when I checked, 'the cult' said that I couldn't send him fan mail... So that kinda angers me, because I just want to tell Chuck how much I appreciate his stuff and I can't.  I've written other authors before and it hasn't been a problem.  I dunno, I guess I just wish I could tell Chuck how great I think his stuff is, and I can't... 


Post comments and your opinions on this here.