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Family Guy


Ok, everyone knows this is the best TV show ever in the universe, but I just wanted to ask if anyone saw that episode with the Trainspotting reference? Man, that was soooooooo awesome.

For those of you who haven't.. It's this episode where Meg gets a job as a waitress so she can get this purse. Anyhow, she only gets hired cos they think Stuey is her kid and so she starts using that gimick to get big tips and shit. Anyway, this place serves pancakes and Stuey loves them and becomes addicted to them. Later on, there's a scene where he can't have any and he starts freaking out and some music similar to that Underworld song (not Born Slippy, the other one) starts playing and he's screaming "just one more!", then he sees a baby crawling on the ceiling and everything. Man... that made my day.